What We Do

Rock of Ages School


Rock of Ages Community School (ROA) is a nondenominational Christian school located in the village of Mbiko, Uganda. Hands4Uganda's (H4U) hope for ROA students is that they will learn of God's love and be given all the necessary tools to grow and thrive through their educational years and beyond. Mbiko is a small suburb of the second largest city in Uganda (Jinja) and sits near the source of the Nile River. Situated on a main highway that connects Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, Mbiko has become known as a village of drug trade and prostitution. STI's, including AIDS, are very prevalent in the small village. Due to the high rate of prostitution in this area, many children come from single parent homes or are abandoned by their parents.

About 320 children, ranging from PK3 through Primary 7 currently attend ROA. In 2016 ROA had the privilege of graduating its first class of 17 students, transitioning them from P7 on to high school. Through sponsorships and donations, H4U is currently funding the continued education of each ROA graduate into their respective high school programs.



Sponsorship Program

The aim of the Hands4Uganda Sponsorship Program is to connect a caring sponsor to each student at Rock of Ages Community School (ROA). Your tax-deductible contribution of just $30 a month provides your sponsored student with a loving, faith-based education at ROA. Additionally, your sponsorship ensures a meal each day, access to clean water, and medical care.

Our hope is to connect each student to a loving sponsor! With a little over half of our students currently sponsored, your donation, while specific to the tuition of your student, does help offset the costs of those who are still awaiting sponsorship.

Secondary Program

We know that by providing an education for the children of Mbiko we can help them elevate their community from poverty to prosperity as they become the educated and confident leaders of tomorrow. As Rock of Ages Community School only hosts classes through Primary 7 we are dedicated to ensuring graduates may continue through their Secondary Education.

In order for students to continue on to Secondary School, they must pass the Primary Leaving Exam which is a high stakes test that is taken at the end of each students Primary 7 year.  The results of the PLE determine which Secondary School they are eligible to attend. Not all children are interested in continuing strictly in an academic setting which is why attending a trade school is also an option for Secondary Students seeking vocational training.

Your sponsorship donation, while given through Hands4Uganda is used to directly pay for you sponsored child's school fees at their respective school.


Providing Financial Assistance


Food Fund

According to the Director of Rock of Ages Community School, many students get their ONLY meal a day at school.

See how your contribution helps provide food security.




Healthcare Fund

Whether a minor or major accident occurs, medical expenses including ongoing and prolonged care are supported.


See how your contribution could save the life of a child.


Bless a Family

When there is a family in an especially strenuous situation or in significant need  additional financial assistance is provided.

See how your contribution helps keep families together.