We’re on a mission to break the cycle of poverty
for children living in Mbiko, Uganda.

Hands4Uganda is a nonprofit organization based in the United States that seeks sponsors to support children at Rock of Ages School in Uganda.

We believe that education has the power to break the cycle of poverty and transform entire communities.

You’ve probably heard about communities like Mbiko before — with entire populations stuck with insufficient resources to meet basic needs, such as food and water. Your heart feels pulled to help, but how? The problem seems so big. You wonder, “Can I actually make a difference in this?”

That's why we've made it our mission to support Rock of Ages Community School in Mbiko, Uganda; a private, locally founded and operated school focused on educating impoverished children. Through sponsorship, we help meet the physical needs of students and provide the means necessary for the school to equip students with a quality education.
90%+ of your dollars go directly
to Rock of Ages Community
School and its students
40% of current
students sponsored
Over half a million $ raised
for special projects, including
a new school building

Our Mission

The mission of Hands4Uganda is to make a positive difference in the lives of the children and youth of Uganda by assisting them in achieving their highest potential through a faith-based education.  We do this by partnering with the Rock of Ages Community School.

As the students grow and learn, we aim to instill responsibility, compassion, and love while providing ongoing economic and spiritual support.

Our Core Values and Focus


We believe effective change begins with education. We provide resources and encouragement for Rock of Ages to inspire lasting change in their community.


Our focus is on solutions and opportunities that will enable RoA to become self-sufficient in their long-term impact on the community.


We are honest about our goals, committed to our intentions, and transparent with our supporters.


We facilitate the Rock of Ages mission to provide improved outcomes in their community. Students at Rock of Ages are supported through quality education, holistic faith-based mentorship, health initiatives, and supplemental nutrition from nursery school through high school.

Meet the Board

Ariane Shaver
Board Chair
Andrew Benscoter
Mackenzie Gorham
Director, Secretary
Doug Hupp
Director, Treasurer
Adam Conley
Tamera Hopkin
Student Sponsorship Coordinator

Rock of Ages 
Community School

Education in Uganda is not free. While there are public schools, fees are associated with attendance. When a small income means choosing between food and education, many families simply cannot afford to send their children to school.

Situated on a main highway that connects Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, Mbiko has become known as a village of drug trade and prostitution, leaving many children under-resourced or completely abandoned by their parents. 

Rock of Ages Community School began with just 50 students housed in a small, rented building. Thanks to the generous support of H4U donors, more than 300 students receive a quality, faith-based education at ROA each year.

Since 2015, our donors have helped ROA…

Expand the ROA library and extra-curricular offerings for students including clubs and sports options
Install sanitary and environmentally-friendly restrooms with flushing toilets
Complete a two-story, 14-classroom building for the Primary School to serve even more children in Mbiko
Add electricity and clean, running water to facilities

Securing the Future for The Mbiko Community

The Hands4Uganda Foundation

The Hands4Uganda, Inc. (H4U) Board of Directors established the Hands4Uganda Foundation with Thrivent Financial to secure funds for long-term sustainability. This will support Rock of Ages Community School for years to come.

Donors can now give to H4U in a way that suits their needs, with options including appreciated stocks or property, retirement fund distributions, and many more planned gift options through both an endowment fund and a brokerage account with Thrivent Financial.

If you are looking for a creative way to give to H4U to ensure the continued support and education of the children at ROA, please consider donating to the Hands4Uganda Foundation.

For additional information or to be connected to a Thrivent Financial advisor, please contact us.

Ready to give the gift of a better future?

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