Sponsor a Child

Your monthly or annual sponsorship help children in Mbiko, Uganda thrive by providing them:
A quality, faith-based education
Clean Water
Food Security
Sponsor a Child
While each sponsorship contribution does not go directly to a specific child, when a student is sponsored their seat at ROA is reserved. Sponsorship dollars are similar to tuition, and are used to cover the overhead of the school (teacher salaries, school maintenance, school lunches etc.) and healthcare as needed.

The additional $20 paid for premium sponsorship is used to purchase monthly bulk food for your sponsored child's family. Food items given may change depending on the season but staples like cooking oil, rice, beans, cornflour, and sugar are generally given.

To sponsor a child with ROA, simply:

Select a child in need
Choose your sponsorship level and add payment information
Bring hope and opportunity to your sponsored child!
Thank you for making a real difference in the lives of our students!
Sponsor a Child
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