Rock of AgesCommunity School

Rock of Ages Community School in Mbiko, Uganda is a private, locally founded, and operated school focused on educating children.
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Empowering Hundreds of Ugandan Children Through Education

Rock of Ages Community School (ROA) is a Christian, Ugandan established and certified Nursery and Primary school. 

Betty Wasswa, ROA Founder and Director, began ROA in 2008 with the hopes of providing an education to the impoverished children of her home village.

Hands4Uganda partnered with ROA in 2010 to support the teachers, staff, and, most importantly, the students who otherwise had no hope of receiving an education.

Through this partnership,  H4U has helped ROA put all the necessary pieces in place to become a credentialed Ugandan school, expand the student body from 50 to over 400 students, and purchase a three-acre parcel of land for a new school facility and additional projects.
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Meet the team at Rock of Ages Community School in Uganda

Betty Wasswa, Founder and Director of ROA
Fueled by a passion for transforming her underprivileged home village, Betty Wasswa was determined to make it possible for all children in her community to experience the life-changing opportunity of quality education.

Betty obtained teaching credentials through YWAM. With limited resources, Betty courageously launched an unofficial school, Rock of Ages (ROA), nurturing around 50 students in 2010.

Betty's love for the children of Mbiko is what inspired the establishment of Hands4Uganda. 

Together, we aim to amplify her impact. 

Betty's love for her students and belief in the transformative power of education manifest in her mission to provide free schooling, offering vulnerable children the chance to break free from the cycle of poverty and give them the opportunity to thrive.
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Kenneth Lukwago
Student Sponsorship Coordinator
Denis Ssettumba
Secondary Program Coordinator
Abdu Wasswa
Program Facilitator
Today ROA students attend school in a building that was completed in 2022 through the generous giving of H4U donors. 

H4U continues to expand opportunities for students at ROA through the construction of additional structures and projects on site in Mbiko.

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