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Hands4Uganda envisions that every student at Rock of Ages Community School (ROA) will reach their full potential. 

Although many children in Uganda enroll in primary school, only half complete it. Additionally, even fewer continue on to secondary education, or what we call high school. 

The importance of providing education support cannot be overstated, as it plays a pivotal role in shaping the futures of these young individuals. 

If students do not continue their education past Primary 7, they will have little hope of finding a secure line of work. Girls are particularly vulnerable as prostitution draws women who cannot find work elsewhere. In addition, if left without an option to attend further schooling, girls may be married at the age of 13 or 14, quickly becoming mothers themselves.

We believe that providing an opportunity for continued education is the best way to empower ROA students, allowing them to not only break the cycle of poverty in Mbiko but to become the leaders and game-changers of tomorrow. 
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At an average of $1,000 a year, continuing education is nearly unattainable without help. 

When you sponsor a secondary student, at the end of each term, you will receive a copy of his or her grades and a letter from the student. This holds the student accountable and provides you with a way to see progress.
At the end of Primary 7, all students take a national test called the Primary Leaving Exam (PLE). This determines which secondary programs the student will be able to apply to. ROA students that successfully complete the PLE can apply to five secondary/vocational programs. 

ROA has chosen these five schools for their education excellence, opportunity, and cost. Nearly all secondary programs are boarding schools, requiring students to live on-site. 

For more information on how secondary schools work, click here.

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