Frequently Asked Questions

What are my payment options when I sign up to sponsor a child?

1) Sign-up for re-occuring payments using a credit card . Click on the subscribe button on the Sponsor a Child Page and follow the directions. You will be able to create a personal account and decide when you would like payments to be made. This is our recommended and preferred way of payment however, PayPal is also avaiable through the recurring payments.

2) You may also send a check made out to Hands4Uganda to the following address. Please be sure to include the name(s) of your sponsored children.

P. O. Box 4703

How do I cancel my recurring payment, subscription, or automatic billing agreement I previously set up with PayPal?

PayPal is introducing a new and improved Profile to some customers. Until all customers are using the new Profile, there are 2 sets of instructions on how to do this. Please follow the instructions that match what you see on the site.


1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click Profile near the top of the page.
3. Click My Pre -approved Payments in the Financial Information column. (Don’t see this step? Follow the instructions below.)
4. Click View the Agreement next to the merchant agreement you want to cancel.
5. Click Cancel or Cancel automatic billing and follow the instructions.


1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click Profile near the top of the page.
3. Click My money.
4. Click Update in the My pre-approved payments section.
5. Click Cancel or Cancel automatic billing and follow the instructions.


What does my sponsorship cover?

When you sponsor a child you are providing them with an education. While each sponsorship contribution does not go directly to a specific child, when a student is sponsored their seat at ROA is reserved. Sponsorship dollars are used to cover the overhead of the school (teacher salaries, building rent, school lunches etc.). H4U holds back $1 from each sponsorship to put into a medical fund which ensure that any student can receive care whenever needed. As a student at ROA, your sponsored child has access to clean water and a meal each school day.

I pay for the "Premium Sponsorship". How does the extra food get to my child's family?

When you pay for a Premium Sponsorship, the additional $20 is used to purchase bulk food for your sponsored child's family. Each month we send a list of all of the names of each child that is to receive extra food to our ROA counterparts. They then purchase the bulk foods locally. Parents are notified when the extra food is ready for distribution and must come to ROA in order to sign that they received the food. While food items given may change depending on the season, staples like cooking oil, rice, beans, cornflour, and sugar are generally given.

Can I send a package to my sponsored child?

We do not recommend sending anything to your sponsored child via mail as we have not had success with envelopes or packages making it to their final Ugandan destination. H4U tries to ensure that at least one mission team per year goes to Uganda and we are more than happy to carry something special for your child. However, due to space and weight restrictions we may not be able to take a large package for your child. Instead, we generally ask that you write a letter and include anything you will fit within that envelope.

If you would like to provide your child with a separate gift we can make that happen! Simply login to your H4U account and makea one-time donation, include the name of your child, outline what you would like your donation to be used for, and we will have our ROA counterparts shop locally for each item and deliver them to your child's home.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes! We try to organize a H4U mission team annually. If you are interested in going to Uganda and visiting your sponsored child, please email us at for more information.

Why do some children have no birthday listed?

A life lived in poverty can be chaotic. The birth of a child may not be an occasion for joy, but rather one of anxiety because of the extra mouth to feed. Parents are not obligated to register the birth with village officials so many times kids come to school and no one knows when they were born. ROA makes the best attempt to place the child in the class closest to their observed age.

Why are some older children placed in lower grade levels?

It is not uncommon to sometimes have older children (say eleven years old) placed in lower grades (such as Primary 1). Until coming to ROA many students do not have the opportunity to attend school, putting them behind the general age group for each grade level. Some children may begin their education at the proper age but may be forced to drop out of  school due to the cost or because the parent needed extra help at home. This puts them behind when/if they are able to come to ROA.

I received a letter saying the child I sponsor is no longer attending. Why does this happen?

There are many reasons why a student may attend one year and be gone the next. The main reason for students to leave Rock of Ages is because the family has moved to another area. Families often move back to their home village in order to receive additional support from extended family or for other opportunities. We are always sad to see children go as we no longer know if they will be receiving an education. When the director of the school, Betty, hears of a family considering a move she often visits them and tries to help them stay for the sake of the children's education.

What happens if my sponsored child leaves?

Sponsors are notified when we are certain a student has left. Some families let ROA know ahead of time that their student will no longer be attending. More often then not, children simply do not show up to school at the beginning of a new year. ROA administrators do their best to understand the situation of each child and their family. Unfortunately, sometimes the only information they can find is from neighbors who explain the family has moved.

When one child leaves, ROA is able to accept another child in their seat. Along with a notification of your child's absence, we will also give you the option to sponsor another child in need. We understand that sponsors feel connected to their children and are often saddened to hear their child has left ROA but we also pray that you will continue to support the children at ROA through sponsorship.