Back to School!

Rock of Ages school children back to school.

An update from Rock of Age Program Director, Betty Wasswa

I greet you all in the almighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I thank the Lord for His continued provisions of both life and different resources.

Today marks the second month since the start of the new academic year of the institution. The pupils have reported and it's back to the normal classroom business.

We have retained most of the the staff members, except for a few who have joined the governmental education system. We have three new teachers that have joined us, Teacher Sharon, Teacher Agnes, and Teacher Victo.

On the other hand, we have retained many of our pupils and all have moved to new classes. The biggest percentage have returned expect some that changed schools due to circumstances beyond our control (like moving to another area).

In these past weeks, we have registered a total of 347 pupils altogether, though more pupils are still expected to report in the coming weeks.

As we start this term, we hope to integrate the normal curriculum with hands on skill training to give our learners a cutting edge and awaken the entrepreneurial skill in them.

This term we will run on the following program.

January 30Opening of Term 1
February 18Celebration of Rock of Ages Graduates
February 27-28Beginning of Term 1, I Exams
March 27-28Mid Term Exams
April 1Checking of Pupils Progress
April 24-25End of Term Exams
May 5Closure of Term

Beginning of term Exams are to be done and are ongoing. The is vital to the studies and academic progress of the children as Ethel's evaluate them since they are coming from the long holidays.

As the new term resumed, trainings and preparations were made for the Graduation Celebrations that took place on 18th of February, and it was a successful event! This compensates the activities that were meant to take place towards the end of last term. But due to the Ebola outbreak (in Uganda), the celebrations were postponed to this year the everything was okay health wise.

This celebration was the first event that was held at the new school premises that was a function used to connect and build bonds between pupils, parents, and teachers. It was a joyful function! The theme emphasized on the cultural backgrounds of the various tribes (of Uganda) and their cultures.

The biggest need that the school may have this year is for another building. So we pray that the Lord may further provide and we will get a well built Kitchen and Dining Hall, together with dormitories (for the P7 classes) because at the moment we have fun out of space in the forms.

Furthermore, I would like to appreciate the support and the grace that the Lord has enabled to put this team together with Rock of Ages, Hands4Uganda, and you, our supporters.

Betty Wasswa
Founder and Director
Rock of Ages

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