Love Differently


The season of love is upon us!

While Valentine’s Day is mostly known for romance and the giving of chocolate and flowers, we invite you to “love differently” with us this year.

“Love differently” is the tagline for Hands4Uganda, but what does it mean? When one initially thinks of love, maybe ideas of marriage, family, or close friends come to mind.  But love can be shown in an unfathomable number of ways. From sending a note of encouragement to a friend, to giving your time to others, to donating to your favorite cause - you are showing love in all of these ways! At Hands4Uganda we invite you to “love differently” by helping us to create opportunities for the children of Mbiko through Rock of Ages. These opportunities go so far beyond education. When children are able to find stability and routine through their daily classes, support and encouragement from teachers and staff, one solid meal each day and medical attention, their lives are truly changed. It is through your love that their lives are changed.


We believe that each dollar given to our organization is given in love and we truly cannot express our gratitude for all of the love you have shown!

Whether you’re planning something special for a significant other, a friend, or a family member, this Valentine’s Day we ask you to “love differently” by joining us in our mission to create another opportunity for students to receive food each day. We need $1,250 to begin an additional breakfast program for our primary students. While all nursery students receive porridge during their morning break, we have yet to provide this opportunity to Primary students. Since the school day in Uganda begins at 6:45 am, and lunchtime is at 1 pm, it can be a long morning for students who face food insecurities at home, as they struggle to concentrate in class with growling tummies. Only $1,250 will allow us to buy additional supplies for serving all students as well as cover the cost of porridge and morning tea.

If you would like to make your donation a Valentine's Day gift for that special someone, we have created three different printouts for you to download and give as a gift! Thank you for choosing to “love differently” with us and Happy Valentine's Day!

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