Other Ways to Support


Food Fund

Malnutrition and hunger are real concerns among the students at Rock of Ages Community School (ROA). The Hands4Uganda (H4U) Sponsorship Program ensures each sponsored student receives an in-school lunch every day. The H4U Food Fund ensures that all students, sponsored or not, receive this vital nutrition.

Often the only meal that these vulnerable children can rely on, the school lunch helps keep them strong and healthy, providing energy to stay focused and to succeed. Additionally, the food fund enables ROA to provide take-home rations to the students and their families during school breaks and times of emergency such as a food shortage or health crisis.

Empowering children to receive an education and school meals are one of the most effective ways to break the cycle of poverty and hunger. Please prayerfully consider a donation to the H4U Food Fund to help us provide much needed nourishment to the students of Rock of Ages Community School.


Healthcare Fund

While each student is able to visit the nearby health clinic at any time, accidents requiring a higher level of medical attention do happen including broken limbs, cuts needing stitches, etc.  Prolonged medical treatment is also necessary when accidents such as third degree burns from hot water, spilled as it's boiling over an open charcoal fire (a common cooking practice in Uganda) occurs. Additionally, malaria is very common in Uganda and many of the students suffer regularly from this infectious disease. Your donation will ensure that when these disasters hit, students are fully covered.


Bless A Family

Sometimes families need a little more assistance than what is provided though the sponsorship of their child. The loss of a parent, a grandmother who is caring for eight children, these are common occurrences in the lives of Rock of Ages Community School (ROA) students. The Director of ROA, Betty Wasswa, does a phenomenal job understanding the home life of each student. When there is a family in an especially strenuous situation or in significant need she does her best to ensure they have the help they need to continue to succeed in their education. Help us ensure these kinds of funds are in place with a special donation to the Hands4Uganda Bless a Family Fund.