Her dream was a dream for others. Her vision was to create change. Her drive came from a place deep within her soul, a calling that could not be ignored.


She grew up walking the same dirt roads and playing the same childhood games. But she had something more than most - opportunity. An opportunity that she was not going to waste.  

Her education was complete, a luxury for most. Her hard work and dedication would allow her to move forward, constructing a future to build others up.

She would begin with one tiny child in a small rented room. Ignoring the doubters, the naysayers, keeping alive the dream she had relentlessly chased.

Her one turned to twenty-five and the children doubled from there. The school was at capacity but her drive to reach more remained.

She is small in stature but her presence is mighty. Her quiet voice echo’s words that are pure and true. Sharing her vision allowed Hands4Uganda to become a reality.

Her role resides at the head of the school, her dream for 350 students is coming true each and every day as they settle into their desks for another day of academics.  

She still dreams for others. Her vision is still focused on change. Her drive still comes from a place deep within her soul, a calling that has already impacted over 400 lives but we know will change so many more to come.

Thank you, Betty Wasswa, for being a dreamer, a game changer, a leader. On this International Women’s Day, and every day, we salute you, grateful for the love you pour out to the children of Mbiko and for the role you have allowed us at Hands4Uganda to play in making your vision become a reality.

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