Did You Know

International Women’s Day 2019

March 8, 2019 |

Her dream was a dream for others. Her vision was to create change. Her drive came from a place deep within her soul, a calling that could not be ignored.   She grew up walking the same dirt roads and playing the same childhood games. But she had something more than most – opportunity. An…

Love Differently

February 14, 2019 |

The season of love is upon us! While Valentine’s Day is mostly known for romance and the giving of chocolate and flowers, we invite you to “love differently” with us this year. “Love differently” is the tagline for Hands4Uganda, but what does it mean? When one initially thinks of love, maybe ideas of marriage, family,…

A Note From Betty (December 2018)

December 11, 2018 |

Hello Members, Thank you all for the support you have given us throughout 2018. It has been a wonderful year! We managed to have our first Sports Day, which was an achievement for Rock of Ages. The students all received t-shirts and shorts, and began the day marching on the Kampala-Jinja Highway, inviting the community…

Another Class Completes Their Time At Rock of Ages

November 11, 2018 |

We are proud to announce the graduating class of 2018! Last week 18 students from Rock of Ages completed their Primary Leaving Exam (PLE). This two day test will determine what high school they are able to attend in the new year. We honored the graduates on Oct. 31 with a private party at the…

A Foundation for the Future

November 4, 2018 |

“I know that if these kids get a good education, it is going to change everything”. Betty’s dream to have a full school facility began nearly 10 years ago in a small house. Today the foundation of a two story, fourteen classroom, Primary Building has been laid!     This building is the first of…

Blessing Bags- A Big Success!

October 29, 2018 |

Toys, washcloths, toothbrushes, stickers, composition notebooks- my dining room was bursting at the seams for over a month as we collected items to create blessing bags for every student at Rock of Ages. We received over 70 blessing bags directly from sponsors. Thank you so much to those who were able to send those to…

Mission Team Update: Getting There

October 21, 2018 |

Hello from Uganda! My name is Ariane and I am the Program Development Manager for Hands4Uganda, as well as, the leader of this mission team! Joining me here in Uganda are two of my greatest friends, Anna and Brooke, and we are so excited to share our journey with you! Anna and I arrived here…

Send a blessing bag to your sponsored student!

September 10, 2018 |

First and foremost, thank you!  Thank you for all you do for your sponsored child(ren) through Hands4Uganda. Your sponsorship provides your student with a loving, faith-based education at ROA, ensures a meal each day, access to clean water, medical care, and overall hope for a better future. Second, we are excited to present an opportunity…

A Note From Betty

June 19, 2018 |

Thank you for visiting the New H4U website. I am excited that we will have this new tool to help keep you up-to-date with all that is happening at ROA. A million mile journey starts with a single step. As you give part of your worth to these students in the humbled area of Mbiko,…

Spring 2018 Newsletter

June 7, 2018 |

Did You Know: Water

October 5, 2018 |

Audrey Hepburn, an actress and humanitarian who spent much of her life helping underprivileged children across the globe once stated…

Did You Know: Food

June 1, 2018 |

Food is a key component of culture and health and a great way to explore and connect with different societies.…

Did You Know: Education

May 10, 2018 |

We are excited to bring you the first edition of “Did You Know” where we will provide on-going, in depth…